The Role And Status Of Women In Jewish Tradition: A Commentary on Jewish Feminism



A Commentary on Jewish Feminism: Every page of the Bible, every page of Jewish history, every paragraph in Jewish law, every word in Jewish tradition, every household, both past and present, and Jewish life in its totality are a clear testimony of the high esteem and high position held by the Jewish woman throughout the centuries up to this day.

In this book, “The Role and Status of Women in Jewish Tradition”, Dr. Moshe Avital presents an in-depth examination of the subject and discusses changes relating to Jewish women that have been made in halacha (Jewish law). Just as no one dreamed a century ago that a time would come when Jewish women would study a Judaic Studies curriculum similar to that of Jewish men, Dr. Avital foresees other changes likely to occur in the near future in the Jewish communities in Israel, America and elsewhere regarding the role and status of Jewish women.

Dr. Avital examines issues that have not been resolved, and studies solutions that, on the one hand, keep the basic traditions intact, but on the other, serve Jewish society by considering the woman’s spiritual needs and individual aspirations.

  • Paperback: 224 pages
  • Author: Dr. Moshe Avital

This book is also available in hardcover.


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