The Socialist Theocracy: An Argument For A Religious Jewish State

The purpose of this work is to present the argument for a religious Jewish state.

A work in the Jewish Pamphleteer series




The purpose of this work is to present the argument for a religious Jewish state. It is the writer’s opinion that the founding of a theocracy is essential, not only for the survival of the Jewish People, but also for the ideals and values our People cherish – that are being threatened today, the world over. In a world governed increasingly by might and money, there must be an island of peace – in a consumer society bringing about its own dissolution through its needless lust for material possessions, there should be a home for true values. When justice is based, not on man’s freedom and dignity, but on his wealth and property – there is an absolute need for a haven, of God’s justice.

The writer proposes therefore, the natural evolution of the Jewish state into a state based on the ultimate truth of Jewish law; and that this state will be a centre for world religion – in an era when all religion, is almost at the mercy, of the spiritual vacuum of daily life, in a faceless consumer society. The writer continues to say, that such a theocracy, would have to be socialist: the values of truth and justice, are to be realized, in the daily life of this ideal religious state. To attain this end, much of existing Jewish law will be in need – when society has reached that stage of development – of revision (this applies especially to ‘divrei mamonut’ – money matters).

In a truly just and equalitarian state, in which people are free of the vices and struggles of a purely material existence, the complete abolition of the means of exchange, is a necessity, as an eventual goal. The writer hopes, that a socialist theocracy, as a development of the Zionist state of Israel, will also have a beneficial effect, politically. For the writer believes, as a Jew, that religion is the true ground of socialism. Faith and trust in the One God, necessarily imply an attachment to justice and right, in man’s daily life. A Jewish theocracy might, therefore, prove to be the model, for both the Communist countries and the Western democracies, of a socialist state that is free and non-repressive. For, surely, religion is the best safeguard of man’s individual freedom: and God’s law, the truest guarantee of the ‘rights of man’ that we possess.

Author: Steven Schonberg

28 pages


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